Welcome to Steve Deasy’s Blog

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog.  This is the start of a new and interactive approach to my web presence.  What I am hoping for is a place where you can find out about me, listen to my music, (buy it if you want), and most of all comment and let me know about you and what you are thinking.  You can also find out about my projects, where I am playing, and other awesome stuff.

I plan to make all my music available to listen to FREE, and perhaps some free downloads as well, as soon as I can figure that out.  Keep watching this site and post comments!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Steve Deasy’s Blog”

  1. I have been waiting for you to start blogging! When are you going to post pictures? I have about 30 pics of you playing at The Common Ground in Chicago, including the one we took together, if you want to post that. Also about 20 pics of you playing at The Crazy Wisdom in Ann Arbor, including the one we took together. Soooooooo——good to see you out here in Cyberspace too! I’m going to get a copy of Amid the Toys for my twins. Love, folkbabe

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