20 Million Things – Recording in Progress

I thought it might be interesting to some of you if I were to make a post and keep adding to it as I progress recording a track for the new CD I am starting today.  You can follow the progress by checking this page regularly.

For the first song, I choose “20 Million Things” written by Lowell George and J. Levy circa 1979.

When I start a recording, I usually know where I am heading.  I usually have a plan.  Plans are subject to change, but you start with a plan. On this track, I will play:

  1. piano (stereo)
  2. acoustic guitar in standard tuning
  3. a second acoustic guitar capo on 5th fret
  4. bass guitar
  5. program a drum track (stereo)
  6. lead vocal
  7. backup vocal (doubled)

I start by creating a project in pro tools, and choosing a tempo.  For this track I chose 60 beats per minute.  Tonight was step one which consists of the piano track and a scratch vocal.  The scratch vocal is rough and just a placeholder for the song.  I do  it in one take and don’t sweat about the quality of it.  This is because I generally find it best to lay down the vocals when the instrument tracks are complete and the song has more energy.  That way the vocals can more closely match the final arrangement.

Audio for Dec 1, 2014:

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