Song of the Week #5 – People Once Were Welcome Here

I just found out this song is a Music2Life Songs for Social Change contest top ten finalist.  I will travel to Kerrville Music Festival to perform the song on June 5, 2010.

With the new harsh anti-immigrant legislation recently passed in Arizona (boycott, don’t spend money there, hint, hint) and about to be introduced in Texas, I don’t need to go into a long diatribe about why I wrote this song.  What I will do is leave you with a quote from an opinion of Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy in the case of Harry Bridges in 1942:

The Bill of Rights belongs to aliens as well as to all citizens.  It protects them as long as they reside within the boundaries of our land.  It protects them in the exercise of the great individual rights necessary to a sound political and economic democracy…..Only by guarding the rights of the most humble, the most unorthodox, and the most despised among us can freedom flourish and endure in our land.

To hear the song and read the lyrics click the link below:

People Once Were Welcome Here



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