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Recorded by: Steve Deasy
Written by: Stephen "Buddy" Hall


music and lyrics copyright 2005 by Buddy Hall

Hey how you doin'?
Me? Me, I'm just fine
It's been quite a while now
You been crossing my mind
And I was just wondering where you are now
Cause I would really like to see you somehow

Just like the weather man how things can change
Everything familiar now is so strange
Little by little and a little more every day
The memories are fading away

Seems I can't forget you
Or how much we loved
And I hope you know that
You were the moon
And you were the sun
But it all came down so hard
When life got in the way
But I will always remember you
For the rest of my days

I hope that you're happy
And everything's okay
And the sorrows you've known
They don't stand in your way
'Cause love is too precious
I learned that from you
But I learned too late
Please know this is true

That I......

No I....