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Recorded by: Steve Deasy
Written by: Steve Deasy and Stephen "Buddy" Hall


music and lyrics copyright 2004
by Buddy Hall and Steve Deasy

Each night when I fall asleep
I have this deep recurring dream
We are strolling down this hill
Beside a still and flowing stream
I look into your eyes
But then I wake up in surprise
And I want to know.....

Whenever you dream, do you ever dream of me?
You're always on my mind or so it seems
And I hope and I pray
That love will find a way
And someday We will share this dream

Each day passes by
And I can see this dream is starting to fade
I just sit here paralyzed
And I realize I must not be afraid
To finally let it out
I wanna scream and shout
That I love you so
And I want to know

Whenever you dream, do you ever dream of me?
It's time for me to risk my self esteem
So I'm asking you
If there's a chance you love me too?
And it can come true, and we can share this dream

It's a chance I've gotta take
Even though my heart may break
If you should say no
But I've got to know
I just got to know, baby

Whenever you dream, do you ever dream of me?
Will it have a tear-jerk ending scene?
Oh Heaven forbid
Here's looking at you, kid
I want to live, and love and share this dream
This dream
And to give in love and in this dream