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Recorded by: Steve Deasy
Written by: Steve Deasy


The Gatekeeper
Copyright © 2009 by Stephen Deasy

Before the law sits a gatekeeper.
To this gatekeeper comes a man who wants in.
But the gatekeeper says “Not at this moment.
Maybe later, but I can’t tell you when.
Now the gate to the law stands wide open
And the man cranes his neck to look deep inside
But the gatekeeper just laughs as he dares him
If  you want in, go ahead and try

But (take) note: I am powerful, and I’m the lowest gatekeeper
I stand before the law and I won’t let you by
Before the law there are many gatekeepers
Each one of them stronger than I

Now the man looks at the gatekeeper
With his long thin black beard, and decides to wait
Until the gatekeeper gives him permission
It doesn’t seem wise to try to tempt fate
So he sits there for days and for months and for years
For many years he badgers and pests
While gatekeeper just makes polite conversation
Though he tires of our hero’s endless requests
And he says, “I am powerful…..

The man plies him with bribes and the gatekeeper takes them
So the man can feel he’s left no stone unturned
He’s forgotten about all the other gatekeepers
If he can just get by this one, he thinks justice is earned
The years go by and his eyes grow dimmer
He sees a strange white light shine through the gate
And he knows that his time is growing shorter
He knows the hour is getting late

“Gatekeeper, he asks as he lay dying,
“The law is something that everyone seeks
Why is it that no one has come here but me
Years upon years, months and months, weeks and weeks”
The gatekeeper answers, “ You try my patience
You are the only one this gate is for
Now that your life is fading, we no longer need it
Now your life is over, I’ll just close the door
For I am powerful…..