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Recorded by: Steve Deasy
Written by: Steve Deasy


Mexican Town (rough draft numero tres)
Copyright 2006 by Steve Deasy

The morning sun starts her rise
Over the Ambassador Bridge she flies
From Ontario to the barrio
Buenos dias, Mexican Town!

We drive to work, Vernor Highway
Stop at the bakery on the way
Fresh bolillos, burritos
Bienvenidos Mexican Town!

Me gusta Mexican Town
I could get used to life in Mexican Town
Senors and senoritas follow me down
To Motown’s Mexican Town

If you’d like a bite to eat
We’ll take a stroll down Bagley Street
Quesadillas, Tortillas
Salud, la dulce vida!

As the sun sets on the land
We hear a mariachi band
Cantamos y bailamos
Fiesta, Mexican town

Instrumental Interlude

Repeat Chorus

At the dimming of the day
Dijimos all there is to say
Te adoro, me amor
Pleasant dreams in Mexican Town
Buenos noches Mexican Town!

Repeat Chorus

…To Motown’s Mex....
Here’s the lowdown - it’s Mexican
Motown’s Mexican Town