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Recorded by: Steve Deasy
Written by: Steve Deasy


People Once Were Welcome Here
Copyright © 2009 by Stephen Deasy

The good people of France once so admired us
Gave us a gift that we call Lady Liberty
Emma Lazarus wrote a poem that so inspired us
We hung it on the wall for all the world to see
Because it wasn’t long ago that in this great land
The oppressed and poor were welcome at our door
They came with their hopes and dreams and by the millions
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore


We used to say give me your tired, your poor
But you don’t hear that kind of talk no more
We treat our immigrants like criminals and fill their hearts with fear
But people once were welcome here

We speak out about oppression in other countries
We’re so happy that the Berlin wall came down
While we build a wall across our southern border
I guess we’re just not all that down with brown.
So give me your white, your well-heeled, and your wealthy
And folks that have the skill sets that we need
Keep the rest to be a source of cheap offshore labor
That’s the best way you can serve the land of the free

Repeat Chorus

Now many folks around the world despise us
Even the French who gave us Lady Liberty
Nowadays you’d hardly recognize us
As we round up 12 million future deportees
Ah but we believe in truth in advertising
It’s time to take Emma’s poem down from the wall
And maybe find the lady a new home where
They still believe in peace and liberty for all

Repeat Chorus