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Recorded by: Steve Deasy
Written by: Steve Deasy


I’m Working For Walmart
copyright 2009 by steve deasy

I’m working for Walmart
Started today
I used to build cars but
That all went away
Worked at Wayne Assembly
And Michigan Truck
Now I’m working for Wal*Mart
And I’m down on my luck

I used to be in the union
The UAW Guild
When Ford wanted his workers
To afford what they build
Now I’m working for Wal*Mart
And the bosses don’t care
They only pay you enough so
You have to shop there

I’m working at Wal*Mart
Buy our junk if you please
It’s the best you can get that’s made by
Children overseas
They control the selection
But they don’t lose any sleep
It ain’t made to perfection
But you can get it real cheap

In the beginning Wal*Mart
Was just a discount store
Beat the hell out of K Mart
And then it wanted more
Started selling groceries
Want to be your sole supply
Electronics, computers
They’re going after Best Buy

Take a look at Wal*Mart
See what has unfurled
It’s the biggest company in the
History of the world
We kept feeding the monster
And it grew and it grew
Now I’m working for Wal*Mart
Soon you’ll be working there too

Gone are all of the good jobs
They all have been outsourced
No more domestic suppliers
No more mom and pop stores
Goodbye farmer’s markets
And local hardware too
Don't look over your shoulder
Walmart’s coming for you