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Hanover, NH – 01/22/11

MLK Day Music 2 Life Concert
Saturday, January 22, 2011
1:30pm - All Ages
Dartmouth College (map)
Hanover, NH, USA
Other Info
Music2Life: Music for Social Change - Saturday, January 22, 2011, 1:30 pm -- midnight.

Join Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul & Mary and award-winning singer-songwriters Amy Carol Webb and Josh White Jr. along with Houston rapper Baby Jay for more than 10 hours of music for social change on the Dartmouth College Campus, Hanover, NH. Feast your ears on a variety of events including a public forum, social justice music showcase, evening concert featuring two film premieres, and late night student performances.
All events are free and open to the public; tickets are required for evening concert. Full details here: now.dartmouth.edu. Questions? lizs@pdfoundation.org. Visit Music2Life on Facebook!

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Music 2 Life 2010/2011 CD Released

Photo by Sally Farr

The Music 2 Life 2010/2011 CD is out and sure to be hitting folk radio soon. The song features all the finalist songs from this years Music 2 Life contest including Steve’s song “People Once Were Welcome Here” and songs by 10 other excellent artists: Sofia Echegaray, Emily Kurn, Steve Chizmadia, Mitch Barrett, Amy Dixon-Kolar, Ric Taylor, Vanessa Torres, Brian Claflin, Kathleen Pemble, and David Ippolito. The judges in this year’s contest were Peter Yarrow, Tom Paxton, Baby Jay, Josh White Jr., Buffy Sainte-Marie, Kathy Mattea, Judy Collins, Paul Winter, Christine Lavin, and Amy Carol Webb. The CD is produced by Liz Sunde and Noel Paul Stookey, who also run public domain foundation which sponsors the contest and CD.

For more information please visit www.music2life.org